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About us

TRADITIONAL AROMA The road to success

is paved in coffee

DELICIOUS TASTE Love is in the air

and it smells like coffee.

 Coffee Bike is there for you!

Coffee Bike offers you a possibility to meet with your friends outside, under the open sky. Why did we come up with this innovative solution? Because we want to offer you the pleasure of hanging out with a cup of hot, aromatic coffee in your hands and enjoying the outdoors. We guarantee a friendly atmosphere and the tastiest coffee you’ve ever tried made by professional baristas. No time for friendly chats? Grab a cup from our mobile café and run to your classes or a business meeting. Coffee Bike is the first place in Iceland to serve exclusively coffee to go.

First coffee bike in Iceland!

Biking is one of the best ways to keep you in good shape. It’s also our great passion — we love it as much as we love coffee. By joining our two passions we created an ultimately modern, functional and innovative café, where you can meet your friends and enjoy the best coffee in town. It’s the first bike of that type in Iceland. You’ll surely notice that our staff are true coffee and biking experts. What’s more, they work really fast, so that you could have your coffee in no time.


Good coffee? you’re in the right place!

Our 100% ecological coffee is freshly roasted especially for Coffee Bike. The blend is mild, perfectly balanced, with noticeable notes of dark chocolate and hazelnut and medium caffeine content. Come on, let us amaze you with its incomparable taste! We’ve got another surprise: in Coffee Bike you can buy a bag of our exceptional blend and enjoy your favourite coffee at home. Also, visit us and you’ll have the chance to taste our delicious fudge candy!

Icelandic weather? We are ready for it!

Definitely, the Icelandic weather is likely to play tricks on us. Don’t worry, we can handle that. Our bike has a foldable roof, made of an entirely waterproof material. What’s more, it has roll-up walls,'s just a bicycle. In case of difficult weather conditions we will sometimes be unable to serve you coffee. Follow us on Facebook where You will find all information.

Our bike has to be really functional to carry all the equipment we need: supplies, a coffee grinder and, of course, our biggest pride – the coffee machine.