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Coffee bag

TRADITIONAL AROMA The road to success

is paved in coffee

DELICIOUS TASTE Love is in the air

and it smells like coffee.

Enjoy our excellent coffee whenever you want. We offer three versions of blends, all of them freshly roasted especially for Coffee Bike Reykjavík. They’re available in 250 g bags. Make your favourite coffee at home.


The one that you can enjoy both in our café and at home. Coming from Honduras, this mild blend is medium roasted. Its natural aroma isn’t lost during the process.

It has remarkable notes of dark chocolate and hazelnuts. The sweetness and acidity of the blend are perfectly balanced. 250g


Coming from Brazil, this lovely coffee blend has strong notes of citrus, marzipan, almond and milk chocolate.

It’s perfect for all those who prefer a mild, well-balanced taste. The grains are medium roasted and their natural aroma is fully preserved. 250g


Very interesting taste, mixing the freshness and acidity of cherry with the sweetness of chocolate. It goes well with milk, so it will be perfect for cappuccino or café latte.

Coming from northern Colombia, it’s roasted with care and ready for your coffee machine, French press or aero press. 250g